, 2019-10-22 00:09:34
Volksgiving 2019 - VW Pulse

Volksgiving 2019

Volkswagen celebrates those who give back

We believe it’s up to us to build the world we want. Lucky for the world, many of our Volkswagen owners agree.

Introducing #Volksgiving 2019

Volksgiving started last year as a customer appreciation event to reward some of our most valued customers.

This year, we wanted to continue to recognize our owners, but we also wanted to make Volksgiving stand for something.

We searched across Canada for Volkswagen’s “unsung heroes” – those who make positive contributions to their communities without asking for anything in return.

We received over 1,300 responses from volunteers across the country. We then invited  fourteen outstanding Volkswagen owners and their guests to an exclusive appreciation event.

They had no idea that the night was actually to celebrate and recognize them, and that we had some big surprises in store.

We started with a donation to their charities and initiatives. And that was just the beginning. Unbeknownst to our guests, we’d been working with their plus-ones to find them the perfect gift, from “bucket list trips” to experiences they had long since forgotten about.

Stories were shared, friendships formed, and what started out as a “thank-you” dinner turned into something much more.

We set out to surprise a group of valued Volkswagen owners. And in the end, they surprised us with their incredible generosity and selfless spirit.



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