, 2019-07-05 00:05:51
Family road trip, Tiguan style. - VW Pulse

Family road trip, Tiguan style.

Influencers take the Tiguan on cross-Canada adventures. Here’s their story.

Every summer, families across Canada pack their cars and hit the open road. For many of us, it’s a rite of passage that leads to lakes and rivers, cottages and campsites. But while the destination is the end, it’s the journey itself—stories told from the backseat, unexpected twists and turns—that make family road trips so memorable.

This year, we asked six Instagram influencers to take us along for the ride, by documenting their cross-Canada adventures through videos and photos. To smoothen the ride—and provide room for extra cargo or passengers—we outfitted each one with a Tiguan.

“There’s really nothing better than a weekend road trip to a lakeside campsite with your best friend,” says @mywhiskeygirl, one of the six influencers who took the Tiguan for a tour, thankful for the roomy interior and fuel efficiency, not to mention the smooth ride over bumpy roads. “Because a bridge was broken, we needed to take a rougher road into our favorite campsite and where other cars were turning back, this SUV made it look easy!”

From fireside chats to beachy ice-cream stops, check out the video and photo highlights from our six influencers. And get set for some serious vacation envy. Better still, maybe now’s a good time to plan your next road trip.

Looking for a family-friendly SUV? With room for up to seven and customizable cargo, the well-priced Tiguan is your ticket to family adventure.

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