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Owners’ Stories

Tales from the road Looking back on three years with the Golf R

Customizable, capable and stylish.

The first day I drove my Golf R, there were a number of things that surprised me right away. One was how easy it was to drive in a normal city setting (my Golf R is a manual). There was no heavy clutch or uncomfortable ride. Switching through the different driving modes, I was able to hear and feel the difference. Obviously, the power and handling were immediately explored and they impressed.

Over the past couple of years, my Golf R has been a reliable companion who has only needed schedule maintenance (which is infrequent with the mileage I drive every year). The Golf R really is the perfect do-everything vehicle for a car enthusiast like myself. I’m able to drive it year-round, switching to winter tires and rims to become fully Rally-ready for the weather we experience here in New Brunswick. I never have any issues during winter driving, as my little AWD hatch claws its way up hills and around corners.

Having different driving modes allows my Golf R to switch between a comfortable cruising vehicle or, with a push of a button, a track star. You can customize your vehicle through this feature as well, dialling-in your preferred suspension, engine sound and steering feel, among other things.

One of the things that drew me to the Golf R is the understated exterior styling that fits my personality. I don’t crave extra attention and only getting a thumbs up from those in the know is perfect to me. The interior is classically designed and will age exceptionally well in appearance and quality. (No visible wear after over 2.5 years of driving.)

Having a performance vehicle that has achieved a lifetime fuel economy average of 9.1L/100 km (I drive in the city 75% of the time), and highway observed fuel economy in the low 7L/100 km is a bonus.

Also having insurance premiums that are lower than any of the competitors helps. But even a great vehicle can quickly be spoiled by a poor dealership experience, but that’s not been the case when dealing with Fredericton Volkswagen. Everyone I have been in contact with at the dealer has been knowledgeable and helpful. — John MacDonald, Owner

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