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2019 Jetta proves itself in Arizona | VW Pulse

2019 Jetta proves itself in Arizona

In December 2017, for the first time ever, we invited automotive journalists to the Volkswagen Proving Grounds in Maricopa, Arizona. In the 25 years since the Grounds opened, no journalist has ever been permitted beyond the gates. And with good reason.

The Arizona Proving Grounds are where every vehicle across the entire Volkswagen family of brands undergoes warm weather testing. At the 1,600-acre facility, engineers from around the world test every material, inside and out, to ensure it can withstand the heat. Additionally, vehicles are put through their paces on a series of test tracks to ensure optimal performance.

First Drive: 2019 Jetta

So, what could possibly convince us to break with tradition and invite select media beyond the gates before our Canadian reveal? Two words: 2019 Jetta. We were simply unable to contain our excitement for this completely redesigned model.

The reviews are in

The 2019 Jetta is the final model to be migrated to our MQB Platform. As a result, the 7th generation Jetta will have more standard and optional features than before, including infotainment system with touchscreen, driver assistance features and stop/start technology. One journalist also caught a glimpse of the new Beats Audio premium sound system beneath the interior camouflage.

So, what’s the verdict? While the car’s interior and exterior remained in full camouflage, each journalist had the opportunity to get the behind the wheel of the prototype car and find out personally just what the Jetta can do.

At first glance, Doug Firby at The Globe and Mail noticed Jetta’s “stoutier, sportier” design. The popular compact sedan is now longer, wider and stands slightly higher than previous models. David Miller of The Car Guide also noticed Jetta’s sleeker silhouette.

But where Jetta really shines is on the tracks. The 2019 Jetta retains its economical 1.4 L turbocharged engine available with 6-speed manual transmission or a new 8-speed automatic transmission. The addition of 2 new gears will provide greater fuel economy, quicker engagement and smoother shifting between gears.

After pushing the Jetta to 204.4 kms/hour, Brian Harper from Driving.ca declared the sedan “[…]rock steady, the ride no more dramatic than a typical toot along the 401.” Similarly, Miller achieved speeds close to 210 kms/hour and concluded “[…]the Jetta stayed balanced and relaxed throughout, as if it was a routine Sunday drive.”

As each journalist took his turn negotiating the track’s sharp turns on reverse cambers, the Jetta’s overall performance and handling did not disappoint. In fact, Firby declared the 2019 Jetta with “…[i]ts stiff chassis, beefy brakes and tight steering, [able] to maneuver like a champ.”

Find out more about what our test drivers had to say about the 2019 Jetta at Driving.ca, The Car Guide and The Globe and Mail. And be sure to sign up to be among the first to get updates about the newly redesigned 2019 Jetta, as they become available.


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