Wedding bells ring for two Volkswagen lovers

Robbie popped the question with a fleet of vintage VWs

Robbie and Genevieve aren’t just any happy newlyweds. Unbeknownst to us, Volkswagen played a big role in the couple’s courtship and engagement. When we heard their story, we naturally wanted to do something special for them on their wedding day.

Genevieve’s uncle, Kevin, first tipped us off to this romantic tale in an email:

“Robbie is an avid Volkswagen fanatic. He owns, repairs, customizes and competes in shows with his various Volkswagen autos…. He incorporated his love of Volkswagen products in his marriage proposal to her.”

To pop the question, Robbie lined up his and his friends’ vintage VWs, decorated with signs reading “will you marry me?”

Who wouldn’t say “yes” to that?


Even the timing of the engagement was chosen based on Robbie’s Volkswagen passion. He promised himself he wouldn’t propose until he completed the full restoration of his blue 1984 Rabbit GTI. (After all, every wedding needs “something old” and “something blue” for good luck, right?)

The restoration took four years, and “pretty much everything that I could replace or repair I did,” Robbie says.

He made the Rabbit look like an earlier model by putting in round headlights, small taillights, and Euro small bumpers. He also put in an engine from a 1997 Jetta TDI using custom transmission mounts.

The work certainly paid off, and the car co-starred in the couple’s stunning engagement photos.

Eva Derrick Photography,

Robbie and Genevieve walked down the aisle earlier in June. We surprised their guests with a Volkswagen photo booth at the reception, and followed that up with a suitcase full of VW swag for the couple.

It was a big hit, especially with Robbie’s fellow VW-loving friends. Every story told at the reception touched on his Volkswagen love, with even Robbie joking that he has two true loves now.

Robbie plans to restore more vintage Volkswagen models in the years ahead, starting with a 1975 Scirocco. But he’s not the only VW fan in the marriage. Genevieve can be spotted driving around town in her new diesel Jetta.

All our best to Robbie and Genevieve, and all the other VW lovers getting hitched this summer!

Photography courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography,

Get summer road trip ready

Is your car ready to hit the road? Here’s what you should know.

Summer is here, and that means day trips and visits, and long, winding drives to nowhere in particular. Just because you can. Just because the sun is out and you want to soak up everything that summer has to offer. It’s a great time to be a driver. Even greater if you can turn the top down on your Beetle Convertible. But, just like winter driving, summer driving comes with its own set of challenges. For one, summer roads are just busier—with cars, people and other kinds of vehicles that weren’t there a few months ago.

Make room for everyone. Share the road.

With the warmer weather comes ‘Summer Construction Season’ in addition to cyclists, motorcyclists and plenty more pedestrians. And while they might share your space, they don’t share the protection of a curtain of airbags and crumple zones. If possible, leave three or four seconds’ distance between you and a lighter vehicle and use your signals to give everyone around you plenty of warning. (Even if they don’t return the favour.) Technology has given us many gifts over the years, but lately it’s also given us an epidemic of distracted walking. Don’t assume that pedestrians can see you or that they will act predictably. With eyes fixed on their phones, there’s a chance they might wander into places they probably shouldn’t be. So, if you haven’t begun already, hone your ninja-like reflexes for the summer roads.

Regular summer maintenance just makes sense

Well, not just the body, but the engine and tires, too. Kick off the summer season with a proper service. If you’re going to spend more time on the road, you want to catch things before they have a chance to become a problem. Plus, regular preventative maintenance is just a good idea and the changing seasons are a good reminder. When you book a maintenance appointment, your Volkswagen Certified Technician will help make sure your summer is uneventful from a repair standpoint. To help, we’ve put together a handy Summer Safety Checklist you can consult to help make the task easier. Really, just a few minutes at the start of the season can make a huge difference in the long run.

Pack right for summer road travel

As you head out to the beach or cottage, to that friend’s place or on a summer adventure, it’s understandable that you might want to take a few things with you

Summer travellers tend to pack heavy. But, be sure you can see out of your windows, and that your mirrors have a clear view of the world around you. Many drivers are tempted to sacrifice their field of view just to squeeze in those few extra camping supplies. But don’t stuff your vehicle to the point where it becomes dangerous to you or to the people around you. And, if you can’t fit it all in safely, consider roof storage or a small trailer.

Don’t run into a hitch while towing

If fishing is in your future—or you just really want to carry a lot of stuff to the cottage—check that your vehicle can handle the boat or the trailer you want to hook up. Your owner’s manual will give you safe towing capacities and plenty of good advice, but make sure your mirrors have full view of what’s going on behind you. A heavy trailer means you accelerate and break more slowly, and you’ll need more time to pass. So, give yourself more room around other vehicles, and keep in mind that rain and other weather conditions might make safe stopping even slower. And, remember, national highways, or any highway for that matter, are a terrible place for a yard sale. It’s never a bad idea to cover your cargo to keep it in place.

Beat the heat by keeping cool

Summer driving often means long-distance driving—and that can mean long periods spent in the driver’s seat, staring at rippling heat mirages. Be sure to give yourself plenty of breaks. Don’t let yourself get too tired or too fatigued.

Take advantage of rest stops to get out and stretch, even if you don’t need to re-caffeinate. It’s a good excuse to check in on your phone so that you’re not tempted to do it on the road.

One critical thing to keep in mind when traveling in the summer is the potential for heat stroke—especially when it comes to kids. A child’s body temperature can heat up three- to five-times faster than an adult’s. If you’re feeling it then the kids are, too. When the outside temperature climbs to 25°C, temperatures in an uncooled car can become extremely dangerous in as little as 10 minutes. Be sure to bring kids and pets with you when you step out.

Looking for a little road trip inspiration? Check out some of our favourite Canadian drives.

This article originally appeared in print in Volkswagen Magazine and has been edited and formatted for the web.

Summer Safety Checklist

Get your VW safety ready in just 15 minutes

A quick check of your Volkswagen before you head out on the road can keep you motoring safely all season long.


Check headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, interior lights and even trailer lights. See and be seen.

Engine Cooling System

When the car is still cool, check the radiator for water and antifreeze. Check the colour of the coolant, too. If it has stuff floating in it, it should be changed. (The more gunk, the more critical it is.)

Fluid Levels

Check your oil, brake, transmission, power steering and windshield washer fluids—and make a note to check them again every once in a while throughout the summer. Also, while you’re under the hood, check to see if you can spot any leaking fluids.

Belts and Hoses

With the engine off and cool, get under the hood and inspect all belts and hoses to make sure there are no signs of bulges, cracks or cuts in the rubber. The summer heat can be hard on rubber parts, so check them early in the season to see if you can spot early signs of wear. This is also a good time to make sure they’re all securely connected.

Wiper Blades

Winter is tough on wiper blades. Just like the rubber on belts and hoses, the rubber strip on blades can be easily worn or torn. Check your wiper blades and if you have any doubt about their condition, replace them. It’s an inexpensive fix, and it helpsyou see the road much more clearly.

Air Conditioning

On a hot summer day, air conditioning is your best friend. It’s also an important safety feature (see above), so be sure to check it’s functioning properly before you reach for the dial on that first hot day.

Floor Mats & Interior

Clean your mats and the inside of the car if salt has built up inside over the winter. Make sure the mats haven’t crept forward under the pedals and secure them properly.


The most important check comes last. Check your tires for proper air pressure, tread wear and any signs of damage. (You get the most accurate reading if you check pressure on cold tires, by the way.) Look to your owner’s manual for proper pressures,or look in the door pillar on the driver’s side for the info. Many tires will have built-in tread wear indicators that let you know when it’s time for new rubber—don’t push it beyond that point. Your tires are critical to your vehicles’ performance and safety. And of course, remember to check your spare, too.

If you’re planning to drive a lot more this summer, check out our helpful tips on staying safe all season.

This article originally appeared in print in Volkswagen Magazine and has been edited and formatted for the web.



e-Golf recognized for Best-in-Class* Efficiency by Natural Resources Canada

Top efficiency in the Compact car category

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has recognized the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf as best in class* for efficiency in the  Compact car category.

Each year, the federal government department aids Canadian consumers in making more fuel-efficient vehicle purchase decisions by highlighting the best-in-class models based on the lowest combined fuel consumption rating of new light-duty vehicles. Ratings are based on 55% city and 45% highway driving. The 2017 e-Golf came in at a combined 17.4 kWh/100 km, or 2.0 Le/100 km.**

Compare that to the second-place Ford Focus Electric, which consumes 19.6 kWh/100 km, or 2.2 Le/100 km. To put that in real-life terms, someone who typically drives 20,000 km per year could save enough energy to drive an additional 2500 km by driving the e-Golf compared to the Ford Focus. That’s like driving from Winnipeg to Quebec City!

And the e-Golf has certainly proved competitive. It’s everything Canadians know and love about the acclaimed Volkswagen Golf, with the efficiency that electric car drivers crave thanks to its 100 kW, 143 HP electric motor and 1-speed automatic transmission. The e-Golf is a thrill to drive, too, going from 0-110 km/h in just 9.6 seconds.

With both stellar performance and efficiency, it’s no wonder the e-Golf drives circles around the competition.

Learn more about the 2017 e-Golf, and sign up for email updates.


*In the Compact Advanced Technology Vehicle class

**Please refer to Natural Resources Canada’s 2017 Fuel Consumption Guide for more information. Full charge required. Actual driving range will vary based on driving and charging habits, weather and temperature, battery age and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See owner’s manual for details.  Le is gasoline litre equivalent.


We checked out FRESH, a Vagkraft event

Car show season kicks off in Guelph, Ontario

Car show season has officially begun. And to kick it off, we dropped in on FRESH, a Vagkraft Event. Approximately 300 Volkswagen vehicles were on display at the Boyd Conservation Area in Vaughan, Ontario. And, there was certainly an abundance of VW love going around.

Volkswagen owners and enthusiasts gathered at the inaugural event to check out a variety of new and old Volkswagen models. First generation Beetles complete with rear engines, mingled with popular tuner models like Jetta, Rabbit and Golf. The All-New Volkswagen Atlas even made an appearance, decked out in graffiti-inspired decals, thanks to folks at Maple Volkswagen Dealership.

FRESH, replaces the annual Spring Fling event that was retired last year. The team at Vagkraft also moved the venue to the Conservation Area to provide the event with a more open air, laid-back, family-friendly environment.

Activities throughout the day kept everyone busy. In addition to the car exhibition and show, owners vying to be crowned cream of the crop could enter a contest to win. There was also a limbo competition, Poke n’ Go Swap Meet, Scavenger Hunt and Dyno Pull.

If you didn’t get a chance to get out to the show, we captured some photos for you. Be sure to visit the Vagkraft website to find out more about upcoming events throughout the summer.