, 2019-01-22 15:18:18
All-New Volkswagen e-Golf Coming to Canada | VW Pulse

The new e-Golf unveiled and coming to Canada

Volkswagen fans across Canada have been asking us to bring our popular e-Golf model north. Well, we heard you, and we’re very excited to announce that the e-Golf will soon be a proud part of our line-up. See its Canadian unveiling at the Montreal Auto Show in January, and expect this 100% electric Volkswagen in dealerships midway through 2017.1

Featuring an estimated range of up to 200 km in everyday driving2, adjustable regenerative braking modes, and a refreshed design that’s unmistakably Golf, the new e-Golf gives you all the fun you’re looking for without needing any fuel. So whether you’re heading to a day at the beach or popping out for some groceries, this hatchback has you covered.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our e-Golf is well equipped for the Canadian climate. From wind tunnels to unexpected snow squalls, winter is something every Canadian understands all too well. So we gave every e-Golf energy-saving technology that’ll help keep you warm and worry-free.

To help reduce power consumption, we’ve outfitted every e-Golf with a heat pump. This feature takes ambient heat from the surrounding air and excess heat from the drivetrain, filters it, and then uses it to help heat the cabin. The heat pump alone is responsible for a range boost of up to +30% in cold weather.3

Another way we’re helping you stay warm without using your charge is with our e-manager. Simply set your desired temperature and the time you’re planning to head out and your e-Golf cabin will pre-heat while you’re still connected to the grid. That way you’ll enjoy a warm drive and a full battery the minute you pull out of the garage. If you forget, standard heated seats will keep you nice and toasty while the cabin warms up.

We’ve also given every e-Golf a heated windshield. A humidity sensor detects condensation beginning to build-up and automatically turns small wires embedded in the glass that heat up and defrost your windshield. This reduces the need for the AC defroster and keeps more energy reserved for driving.

Add in standard LED headlights and LED taillights to further reduce energy consumption, and the dark winter months start to look a little brighter.

We’ll be sure to update you on more details about the e-Golf after the Montreal Auto Show which takes place January 20-29, 2017. In the meantime, learn more about e-Golf now.


1A limited number of e-Golfs will be available for sale Canada.

2Based on preliminary manufacturer’s estimate. Full charge required. Actual driving range will vary based on temperature, driving conditions, vehicle’s condition, weight carried and additional equipment.

3Estimate based on manufacturer’s own internal testing. Effect on range will vary based on temperature, driving conditions, driver habits and the vehicle’s condition, weight carried and additional equipment.

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