, 2019-01-22 15:18:18
2017 Volkswagen Jetta 5-star Rating | Compact Sedan | VW Pulse

Jetta goes back to school with a five-star safety rating

It’s back-to-school time again and students across the country are getting ready to hit the books and exercise their independence. Whether your student lives at home or away, if they’re in need of a car to get to class, or to work, or even home for a visit once in a while, you’re going to feel a lot better knowing their driving a car with an excellent safety rating. Like the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta, which was recently awarded a 5-star safety rating by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Specifically, the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta compact sedan earned the highest overall safety rating. Why does it matter? Well, because starting in 2011, the NHTSA introduced tougher tests and a more rigorous rating system. And it’s good to know that Jetta gets top marks.

The Jetta’s impressive safety features include a rigid steel cage that forms a safety cell around the cabin, reducing the risk of injury. Then, it’s followed up with standard features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), an onboard brain designed to reduce the risk of a driver losing control. Essentially, it stabilizes the vehicle by selectively braking individual wheels and reducing engine torque to bring it back on coursean essential feature for less experienced drivers who may be more likely to over correct in tricky conditions.

The Jetta 2017 model also includes standard ABS brakes, front and side curtain airbags and a Rearview Camera.

Parents looking for additional peace of mind, may want to consider available features like Front Assist which provides a two-stage warning system to drivers when the distance to the vehicle ahead becomes critical. If the driver doesn’t respond, the vehicle’s autonomous emergency braking system kicks in, helping to prevent a collision. Adaptive Cruise Control is another great way to monitor speed and distance. Essentially, it keeps you within posted speed limits by regulating the car’s speed. It will also keep your car at a safe distance those ahead by automatically accelerating or decelerating without driver input.

Perhaps we’ve saved the most student-centric safety feature for last. Available App-Connect. No one is more attached to their smartphones than our kids. App-Connect allows them to access certain apps like music, text and maps through the Jetta’s hands-free infotainment system, to effectively keep their devices out of their hands while driving.

If you’re looking for a safe car for your student, Jetta truly sets the standard. And, in 2017, Jetta will include a Wolfsburg Edition, giving you even more features at a better price. Couple that with a fuel efficient 1.4L TSI engine and Jetta takes your student’s budget even further.

Watch for all 2017 models, coming soon.

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