, 2019-09-24 11:32:22
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VW joins the connected car race

Volkswagen AG recently announced that it has partnered with South Korea electronics manufacturer, LG on the development of a next-generation connected car service platform.

At a time when consumers are demanding increased connectivity in their cars, Volkswagen has identified 3 key initiatives the two companies will be concentrating on in coming years.

They will work to integrate smart home solutions into Volkswagen’s crossover platform, allowing cars to communicate with smart home devices. Drivers will effectively be able to control and monitor things like their lights, security systems and appliances, all from the road.

The two companies will also work on a context-sensitive notifications centre. It will deliver messages safely and intuitively to the driver as well as to provide optimized recommendations in real time.

A next-generation infotainment system is in the works too, to support built-in connectivity. Currently, the VW infotainment system features App-Connect, which allows drivers to access a selection of apps via the touchscreen upon connecting their smartphones to the system.

“Volkswagen is pressing on with the digitalisation of its brands. LG is a strong, reliable partner in the implementation of new features and one of the drivers of innovation in the networked household”, said Prof. Thomas Form, Head of Electronics and Vehicle Research at VW.

LG has been manufacturing smart home appliances and smartphones for a number of years, positioning them as the perfect partner to help drive VW into the future.

Read the full statement from Volkswagen AG.

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