Soothe long-weekend road rage before it happens

Tips for keeping your cool when temperatures rise.

In Canada, we wait nine long months to feel the sweet kiss of summer’s sun on our skin. We plan weekends at the cottage, we hit the beach, we book our favourite spots at the best campgrounds. We save up our vacation days, turning long weekends into extra-long weekends.  Yet, even the best laid summer plans aren’t immune to summer traffic woes, especially during long weekends.

Construction, weekend cottagers, tourists, road trippers, cyclists, can all contribute to increased congestion and stressful situations. Everyone wants to get the most out of their season, and it’s easy to see why summer can bring about an increase in road rage. But what if you could head it off at the pass?

Keeping your cool in traffic this civic holiday weekend can be as simple as being prepared for the ride. Here are a few things you can do before you head out to take the stress out of summer driving.

1. Before you start the car, take a breath. Realize you might encounter delays. If you’re mentally prepared, you’re less likely to get irritated if you get held up.

2. Give yourself enough time to get to where you’re going in the event you encounter unexpected delays. No one has ever been faulted for being early.

3. Make sure everyone has enough space to be comfortable by not packing the car too tight. A cargo box carrier will keep your stuff secure and your passengers at ease.

4. Go to the bathroom before you get in the car.

5. Create a playlist of your favourite music. Then simply connect your smartphone with App-Connect and get ready to rock out.

6. Certain scents have been proven to induce feelings of calm. Consider an aromatherapy car diffuser to use with scented oils such as sandalwood or lavender.

7. Ever get hangry? Pack a snack.

8. Wear comfortable clothing. Layers will come in handy in the event your car isn’t equipped with Climatronic® dual zone climate control.

9. A great story can help pass the time. App-Connect also lets you listen to your favourite audiobooks.

Do you experience bouts of road rage in summer? What steps do you take to keep it in check? We’d love to hear them. Share your tips on our Facebook page.

New 2017 Wolfsburg Editions are on the way

Four models are getting the Wolfsburg treatment this year.

2017 is turning out to be the year of the Wolfsburg. Four popular Volkswagen models, Tiguan, Touareg, Jetta and CC are all getting the Wolfsburg treatment.

Named after the original Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, Wolfsburg Edition models are only released once every few years. What makes them so attractive is that they’re equipped with exclusive features that are available at an exceptional value.

Buyers can expect next-level interior appointments and driver enhancements that are typically associated with higher trim-level prices. And while each Wolfsburg Edition model will have its own features, one thing they all have in common, is the signature, Wolfsburg Edition badge.

The 2017 Wolfsburg Editions will be available in dealerships this summer. Those seeking to level up without paying more, will definitely want to consider a Volkswagen Wolfsburg Edition.

As they roll out, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news, features and photos.

K-W bugs out

Over 100 cars on display at K-W annual Bug Out show.

The 35th Annual Kitchener-Waterloo Bug Out took place on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo & Area Bug Club, Bug Out is the largest Volkswagen gathering of its kind in the area. This year, 103 vintage and new Volkswagens were on display. From classic Beetles and buses to Dune Buggies and even trucks, there was something for every VW enthusiast.

Silver Volkswagen Beetle - KW Bug Club

Check out some of the photos from the event. For the full album, be sure to visit the VW Facebook page or Instagram account. If you were there, leave a comment. We want to know.

KW Bug Club

VW joins the connected car race

Volkswagen AG and LG Electronics Inc. form tech partnership.

Volkswagen AG recently announced that it has partnered with South Korea electronics manufacturer, LG on the development of a next-generation connected car service platform.

At a time when consumers are demanding increased connectivity in their cars, Volkswagen has identified 3 key initiatives the two companies will be concentrating on in coming years.

They will work to integrate smart home solutions into Volkswagen’s crossover platform, allowing cars to communicate with smart home devices. Drivers will effectively be able to control and monitor things like their lights, security systems and appliances, all from the road.

The two companies will also work on a context-sensitive notifications centre. It will deliver messages safely and intuitively to the driver as well as to provide optimized recommendations in real time.

A next-generation infotainment system is in the works too, to support built-in connectivity. Currently, the VW infotainment system features App-Connect, which allows drivers to access a selection of apps via the touchscreen upon connecting their smartphones to the system.

“Volkswagen is pressing on with the digitalisation of its brands. LG is a strong, reliable partner in the implementation of new features and one of the drivers of innovation in the networked household”, said Prof. Thomas Form, Head of Electronics and Vehicle Research at VW.

LG has been manufacturing smart home appliances and smartphones for a number of years, positioning them as the perfect partner to help drive VW into the future.

Read the full statement from Volkswagen AG.

A proud moment for Beetle

The Love Bug makes an appearance at #PrideTO

The first shipment of Volkswagen Type 1 Beetles to Canada in 1952 consisted of just 12 vehicles. It wasn’t long before this iconic car was embraced by young Canadians who loved its reliability, low cost and unique design. Throughout the years, Canada has played a large part in making the Beetle a cultural phenomenon, often associated with love, freedom and youth.

VW Denim at Toronto Pride

This past weekend, Pride month in Toronto concluded with the famed Pride Parade and we could not have been more honoured when Google Canada approached us, wanting the iconic “Love Bug” to be a part of their presence. Not only were we excited to be a part of such an important celebration, but more importantly, we jumped at the chance to convey our gratitude for the support Canadians have showed us throughout the years, by in turn, supporting Canadians.

Toronto Pride 2016

Those who attended the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade, may have caught a glimpse of the Denim Beetle. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. Check out the photos, courtesy of the team at Google Canada.

VW Beetle

Did you capture the Denim Beetle at Pride? We’d love to see it. Show us your photos on Instagram and Facebook by tagging them #vwcanada #PrideTO.