The 2015 Golf steals the show!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the all-new 2015 Golf commercial.

As fans, followers and Volkswagen drivers, we wanted to take you behind the scenes to see first-hand what goes into making a commercial for the cars we know and love.

From watching our commercials, you can see that we approach ad making differently from the other guys. Here at Volkswagen, we want to tell stories about our drivers and cars that are relatable and also resonate with our audiences.  To us, it’s not just about what goes into the car, it’s also about who’s in and who will be in our cars.


The next TV commercial for the All-New 2015 Golf was filmed earlier this month in Vancouver. It was an amazing experience for the entire Volkswagen team. The spot you will soon be seeing on your TV screens will do justice to this incredible, award-winning car.

This commercial tells the story of a young man who has just purchased the All-New 2015 Golf and is proudly showing it to his dad – a man who is clearly difficult to impress.

To get this message right and tell a convincing, memorable story, we had to carefully select two actors who had the ability to convey the unique chemistry between a father and son. Through extensive casting in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, we found the ideal cast.

With our awesome cast ready to go and our award-winning car ready to hit the road, everything was in place to make a commercial that would communicate the tingling you get the first time you drive a Golf, the feeling of joy that goes through your whole body every time you push the accelerator down, the smile you get turning every corner. After all, it hasn’t won 6 major awards this year just for being cute. It drives, handles and accelerates like the award-winning car it is.

We also had to make sure we could make it look as great as it feels. To do this, we used two different filming techniques:

In one, we used a platform trailer to tow the 2015 Golf. The camera was situated on the trailer, along with the director, director of photography, sound technician and a member of our marketing team. This technique is perfect for capturing dialogue and the actors’ performances.

The second technique was used to capture the car’s performance. A professional driver would take the wheel of the 2015 Golf and followed by a camera car called a Russian Arm. This gigantic crane held the camera, and could be controlled to move around the Golf like a bird. This technique gave us incredible views of the compact car in action. If you thought the Golf looked nice parked, wait until you see our commercial!

We hope you’ll have as much fun watching this spot as we had filming it.

Here are some photos from the set: