A Surprise for the Dufour-Lapointe Family From Volkswagen Canada

Volkswagen gets behind Canada’s freestyling family.

We’re always proud to learn about key memories that people experience in their Volkswagen throughout their lives. That’s why we were so touched to hear the story of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters—Canada’s celebrated freestyle skiing family—who were driven to their early morning ski practices in a blue Jetta. At Volkswagen, we wanted to give something back to these incredible athletes to support them on their journey ahead.


On April 21st, at the Gilles Villenueve racetrack, we handed three excited sisters the keys to their brand-new Volkswagen vehicles: A Beetle for Justine, a Golf GTI for Chloe, and a Tiguan for Maxime. Each Volkswagen is a perfect fit for its owner: Justine asked for a car with personality and performance, Chloe wanted something fast and powerful, and Maxime needed enough space to carry her surfboard. But they weren’t the only ones getting new vehicles that day. During a televised interview, the girls also surprised their Mom, Johane, by giving her a blue Jetta, just like the one she drove when they were kids.

“We were moved by the story Mr. Lapointe revealed in media interviews following the girls’ victory at Sochi,” says Lynne Piette, Volkswagen Canada’s Manager of Brand Marketing. “He spoke with emotion of all the cold early mornings they spent with his girls tucked in the back of their Jetta filled with ski equipment. That’s when we realized what an important role the Jetta had played in their lives. We wanted to maintain that connection.“

Thank you to the Dufour-Lapointe family for letting Volkswagen be a part of their lives. Watch how they reacted to receiving their new vehicles:

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