The Beetle 3-track: Three unique Beetle models. Three unique songs.

Gang of Rhythm: Beetle models sing a different tune.

As you know we have a whole family of Volkswagen Beetle models, and each one has something different to offer. This year we focused on how best to show the unique persona of each model in The Beetle Lineup.


A few months ago we partnered with the band Walk Off The Earth with this in mind. Inspired by The Beetle Lineup, Walk Off The Earth recorded three unique versions of their song, “Gang of Rhythm”. One of which is created almost exclusively using the sounds of The Beetle Convertible.

“Given their unique creativity, we saw a great fit with the Volkswagen brand and an opportunity to really showcase the different Beetle personalities in a truly distinctive way.” Lynne Piette, Manager Brand Marketing

Using these songs we created an interactive three-in-one music video featuring three very different versions of the song and three very different versions of The Beetle: The Beetle GSR, The Beetle Convertible and The Super Beetle. Inspired by each model, the band customized the songs to best compliment each Beetle. By simply clicking the buttons embedded in the video, you can toggle between three songs, locations, and of course, Beetle models.

So there you have it: three very different videos for three very different versions of The Beetle.

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