Introducing the VW Blog

Hello World. Volkswagen Canada gets up close and personal.

Today is a first for Volkswagen Canada – the launch of our official blog. Who better than the maker of “The People’s Car” to hand you the keys to the brand through the inclusive power of social media?

Volkswagen Canada

I am personally excited, not only for the launch of our blog, but for having recently joined the Volkswagen Canada organization as Director of Marketing for this beloved brand. Though a through-and-through career marketer I am new to the automotive industry. It wasn’t a huge leap, though, as I have been a loyal VW customer my entire driving life. I fondly remember my first Volkswagen, a used 1987 Jetta GL – Antelope Brown. I proudly brought my first child home from the hospital in our 1998 2.0T new model Passat – Colorado Red. Our second child was chauffeured home in our 2004 Jetta, the vehicle which also marked our leap to becoming a two Volkswagen household for the first time. I’m now honoured to be a part of the team responsible for further building this great brand here in Canada.

And what a great run our brand is on. Having just last year celebrated 60 years in Canada we sold just under 60,000 vehicles – a whopping 50% more than only three short years ago. Globally, Volkswagen is now the 3rd largest automotive manufacturer in the world selling an astonishing 9 million vehicles. This year, we introduced the first ever Turbocharged Hybrid – showing how the power of our German engineering has broken through yet another barrier: that driving performance need not be sacrificed in being eco-friendly. And we’ve also made the superior design and performance of Volkswagen more accessible than ever by significantly lowering prices, while never compromising on our unmatched attention to detail.

The future looks even more exciting. With new engine technologies that will further re-invent driving efficiency and performance, and a jaw-dropping pipeline of new models and designs already planned out to the end of the current decade, Volkswagen will continue to delight Canadians for years to come. I look forward to sharing in an ongoing dialogue with you about Volkswagen – the good and the bad – through this blog. Together we are ‘the People’s Car’ – power to the people.